I first learned about Sam Agnew the way that one discovers about most hidden treasures— by word of mouth.  A couple of years ago one of my fellow Master Gardener friends gave me a tour of her newly completely Potting Shed.  It was a work of art.  When I found out that a guy named Sam Agnew had designed and built the entire project, I just had to find out more.  And, as they say, the rest is history.  Several projects later Sam has become a regular visitor to our four-acre homestead to craft both highly functional and aesthetically beautiful additions to our operation.  Just a few of the projects Sam has completed for us include; ~A potting shed interior using recycled barn wood ~A trellised shade area~Custom copper work gutters ~ Custom furniture using recycled barn wood ~A three-season growing box~ A bee-hive observation hive ~A movable (trailered) chicken coop ~Etc., etc., etc. One nice thing about working with Sam is his ability to translate project ideas into designs and completed projects that finely align with the original intent.  The second is the value of his work.  Working through Sam I have been able to afford much more than I had originally imagined.  He always has cost saving ideas and his charges are always fair. If what you are looking for is a highly talented person to help you turn your project dreams into reality I would highly recommend Sam Agnew.  On the other hand I wouldn’t want too many people to start using his services since I intend to keep bringing him back to work on projects. -Cindy S. Ericksen  Rarely Bee·Haven Apiary

I first met Sam at the Sequim Lavender Festival.  What I REALLY wanted was one of his potting sheds, but having no room in my yard, I settled for a window box planter.  I love the look of old wood and here was a new, sturdy planter that already had the look I loved.  The next year I coveted his potting benches, but once again room constraint had me settling for a screened gathering basket.  Then I moved.  And called up Sam.  And that is how my first potting bench came to live with me.  I was ecstatic with the look and practical function and immediately got dirt on it and planted a vine to adorn it.  Soon a new patio brought the next call to Sam.  This potting bench doesn’t get dirt on it.  I use it for serving food when friends come over.  Then a new path was built….and another call to Sam was made, this time for a custom-built arbor with the window boxes that started the whole journey.  GREAT outdoor stuff with the weathered look I love, built by an all-time-nice guy who actually has delivered from Port Orchard to Seattle.  My yard has become a shrine to Sam of Sam’s Workshop.  (My husband wants a chicken coop…negotiations are still in the works.  But, if he wins, there will be another call to Sam who builds the coolest chicken coops in the world.) -Linnea Mattson
Thank you again for the great job constructing our garden “cottage”.  We appreciate your attention to details.  We were very impressed with the modifications you accomplished on the solid doors to install windows and the construction of the cupola.  You were great to work with……willing to suggest and make modifications and support the changes we wanted.  The weekly billings were very complete with receipts for materials purchased, labor itemized and easy to understand. The Cottage, as well as the items we have purchased from you at craft shows, exemplifies the fine work you do.  The electricity is in and as soon as we get the loft in I will be ‘moving in’.  I can’t wait.  We are receiving rave reviews from family and friends.  Thank you, again, for the nice addition to our garden, Sam. –Bob and Sherry Phillips


Sam Agnew of Sam’s Workshop is highly recommended. He builds with the idea that perfection is obtainable and should be the goal. No bent nails or poorly driven screws allowed, all corners are properly squared, and the highest quality materials used. Recycled materials give the vintage look that fits the environment so well. Sam works with you to make sure you have input on the job to insure your satisfaction with it’s completion. The worksite is completely cleaned after the the job is done. We have been very happy with Sam’s work and love the building he made for us so much that we are looking into having a second Sam’s Workshop building built for us. Sam is friendly, fun to talk to and does great work. -Rowen and Mary Arroyo