• 11

    Cottage Garden Building

  • Shabby Chic Rocking Chair

  • 998424_489332151154443_1734676477_n

    Lavender on Drying Rack

  • 970848_489332154487776_773022624_n

    Chalkboard Sign

  • 970457_489332147821110_1238968545_n

    Chair Planter

  • 602724_489332187821106_220899046_n

    Window Frame

  • 558791_489332461154412_1588833452_n

    Distressed Lavender Painted Sign

  • 534589_335079829913010_524874829_n

    Cottage Potting Bench Picket Fence Doors

  • 426358_239860412768286_1080084522_n

    Playhouse Potting Shed

  • 421639_254106451343682_1440642831_n

    Rustic Garden Shed in Port Orchard, WA

  • 411733_254103114677349_1376218919_o

    Cute coop with yard that is mobile

  • 230910_105859669501695_4396283_n

    Chicken Coop on Trailer

  • 230150_105859559501706_4983415_n

    This one lives in Boise, ID.

  • 230129_105857642835231_5117001_n

    School House Chicken Coop in Boise

  • 229914_105859439501718_3637406_n

    Potting Bench with Enamel Bowl

  • 229787_105859652835030_6702725_n

    Arbor on Garden Building with window boxes

  • 229120_105859332835062_6919322_n

    Barnstyle Rabbit Hutch

  • 226825_105859306168398_910954_n

    Outdoor Cabinet Serving Station

  • 225126_105859262835069_6061858_n

    Outdoor Furniture

  • 223560_105859502835045_5438158_n

    Garden Shed with Clear Roof

  • 223285_105859469501715_187156_n

    Window Frame Potting Bench

  • 222160_105859856168343_3235854_n

    Garden Shed in Port Orchard, WA

  • Rustic Garden Shed in Port Hadlock

  • 13

    Rustic Garden Shed in Port Angeles, WA

  • Phillips

    Garden Shed in Sequim, WA